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CPA Expert Witness

Deciding on a CPA Expert Witness

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If you are looking for an expert witness to testify regarding financial matters, there are several things to consider. A good expert witness needs to have the required expertise to offer an independent opinion. This expert witness needs to be able to provide valid support for that opinion, and to withstand vigorous cross examination. This expert witness also needs to be able to communicate effectively with a jury.

Paulette Smith, CPA can assist a legal team from the beginning of a financially based litigation case in discovering all relevant facts, suggesting areas of additional inquiry, developing questions for opposing experts, exhibit preparation, and trial preparation.

Paulette Smith, CPA has been qualified as an expert in accounting and tax matters in both State and Federal Courts. She is also a certified forensic accountant as well as a certified fraud examiner and ready to assist.

Expert Witness in Accounting serving all of Central Florida and the US.

Certified Public Accountant Paulette Smith is dedicated to her work. Passionate about finances, Paulette has the experience on the stand needed to assist as Expert Testimony in most financial trials. Contact Paulette Smith CPA by calling 407-440-8714.