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IRS Civil Matters

IRS Civil Matters Representative

Orlando Certified Accountant

Representing yourself in an IRS audit is a daunting experience at best. Hiring a CPA with the proper skills and experience to represent you effectively is crucial.

Paulette Smith, as a former IRS Revenue Agent, former IRS Special Agent, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Fraud Examiner has the experience to deal effectively and appropriately with IRS auditors. Taking a proactive approach can make the difference between a lengthy, drawn out audit and a shorter audit. It can make the difference between reaching an agreement at the revenue agent and taking the case to higher Appeals levels. It could even make the difference between closing the audit civilly, and having the case referred to Criminal Investigation.

Each case is different, but the experience Paulette Smith brings to to the table as a representative of a taxpayer under audit is invaluable. Paulette has had experience, and can help with, many different types of financial situations, including forensic accounting and the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Orlando Accountant You Can Trust

Certified public accountant Paulette Smith is dedicated to her work. Passionate about finances, Paulette has the experience and drive needed to handle your financial case. Contact Paulette Smith CPA by calling 407-440-8714.