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IRS Criminal Tax Cases

Certified Public Accountant In Orlando

Assisting In Criminal Tax Investigations

Because of Paulette Smith’s actual experience as a special agent for several years, she brings to the table a unique perspective to an ongoing criminal investigation. She understands that the possible result of a criminal investigation could be the loss of personal liberty of an individual under investigation, substantial fines, serious sanctions on a business, or a combination of these serious consequences.

Having conducted I.R.S. criminal investigations herself, Paulette Smith understands the way in which these investigations are conducted, the tools which may be used in the investigation and actions that can or may be taken by the Government — all of which can be extremely helpful to the attorney and his client. This type of understanding is invaluable in helping to plan the client’s course of action during the investigation, and can help significantly in preparing an adequate and thorough defense of the person or business under investigation.

Since opening her practice more than 25 years ago, Paulette Smith has assisted many attorneys and their clients who were undergoing a criminal investigation by the I.R.S.Additionally, because of her experience while with the Government in trials of those formally accused of crimes, she has also brought that experience to her practice and has helped on many occasions in trial preparation, and courtroom presence.

Orlando Accountant You Can Trust

Certified forensic accountant Paulette Smith is dedicated to her work. Passionate about finances, Paulette has the experience and drive needed to handle your financial case. Contact Paulette Smith CPA by calling 407-440-8714.